Our Founder

Will Kaydos has been improving the performance of private and government organizations for over forty-five years.

He started working as a paper-boy in the sixth grade and had several short-term jobs before receiving a BSEE degree and becoming a steely-eyed rocket scientist launching missiles at Cape Canaveral.

After getting an MBA to facilitate leaving the defense industry, he developed a manufacturing company with 830 employees; was the CFO of a $170 million corporation; and then became an independent consultant in quality improvement, performance measurement, turnaround management, and strategic planning.

Will has published the following books.

  • Exceeding Expectations: Choosing the Right Computer System, 1984.
  • Measuring, Managing, and Maximizing Performance, 1991. 
  • Operational Performance Measurement – Increasing Total Productivity, 1998.
  • Thin Ice – and Melting: Why Our Economy is Failing and How We Can Stop the Meltdown, 2008.


To be published in 2023