We want to make our country an outstanding example of what a democracy can be by helping it achieve the following goals. 

  • Significantly strengthen our economy.
  • Make our dysfunctional federal government a real democracy that works for all Americans, not just those at the top.
  • Improve our society by increasing opportunity, eliminating poverty, improving education, reducing crime, and promoting a set of values the vast majority of Americans will support.

Achieving these challenging goals will require more resources than we have or probably can acquire. That’s why our strategy is to tell as many people as possible about the real state of our country, and develop alliances with other organizations that will join us in building a truly robust America.

The starting point is to win the hearts and minds of Americans by telling the truth to reveal the lies, propaganda, and dirt produced by politicians, commentators, and buffoons who will say anything to promote their self-serving interests.