About Will Kaydos

What I Believe

Our federal government is poorly serving the American people, and both major political parties are responsible for the deep economic, social, and political problems facing our country.  

If we Americans and our political leaders don’t take strong action to improve our government and economy, the United States of America will become a second-rate country. We are already on our way there.

My Qualifications

I have fifty years of experience as a manager, executive, and consultant in operations management, performance measurement, and quality and productivity improvement; author of two books about performance management and measurement, and one about the US economy; BSEE and MBA; and twenty-five years of part-time research and analysis of the US economy and related issues; 

Who Am I? 

I am a registered Democrat, but I think and vote as an independent. Brainwashed Democrats and Republicans are not my favorite people.  

Because of my education and experience, I think in terms of facts, data, and objective analysis when trying to solve a problem or improve performance. 

Above all, I am a strong advocate of telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As an old Jewish proverb put it, “A half-truth is a whole lie.”

My Promises

I will speak the truth as I see it from my research and analysis and let the political chips fall where they may. 

My focus will be on improving performance and solving problems, not personalities. 

I will never lie or fudge data or other information to make a point. When I make a mistake, I will admit it, correct it, and move on.