Don’t be Fooled!

Americans have been fed a pile of lies about the state of our economy and our government’s finances for decades - and it is still happening today.

Our economy is in a much deeper hole than any politician will admit and it is going to take us years to recover even if we do most everything right. But we are doing an awful lot wrong.

No one apparently understands or will face up to the basic problems that got us into this Great Recession in the first place – and if you don’t know what’s causing a problem, your attempts to fix it will almost certainly fail.

Instead of addressing the problems with our economy that that were readily apparent 30-40 years ago, our government covered them up with borrowed money. This made it look like our economy was growing stronger, but the rot was still growing deep inside.

America’s economic future has been sold down the drain by politicians and business leaders who placed their own interests far ahead of what was best for their country. Most Americans are aware of this because the evidence is plain to see, but they don’t know what we must do to rebuild our economy because they have been told so many fairy tales by politicians and their financial supporters, they don't know what to believe.

This is where The Real State of the Union comes in. Our mission is to help Americans rebuild our economy and reclaim our country by

  • explaining how our political leaders have misled Americans about the state of our economy and our government’s finances;
  • giving voters essential facts about our economy and related issues so they can make better-informed decisions about who they want to represent them in Washington;
  • exposing lies, myths and propaganda promoted by politicians and special interests; and
  • proposing steps to strengthen our economy and our country.

We encourage everyone to become better informed about the important issues facing our country and to become more involved in government at all levels.

Democracy doesn’t work unless citizens understand what their government is doing and what is happening to their country. Our mission is to improve that understanding.

Why is our economy failing?  How can we stop the meltdown?

book coverIf you don’t know what’s in Thin Ice – and Melting: Why Our Economy is Failing and How We Can Stop the Meltdown, you don’t understand why our economy has been declining for the past thirty years and how our government has failed all of us by denying the problems exist, pretending everything was OK when it wasn’t, and doing nothing to address the causes of our economic meltdown. Make no mistake - the current recession is only the tip of the iceberg we will hit in 5-10 years if we don’t start rebuilding our economy NOW.  Read More…