Welcome to The Real State of the Union. My name is Will Kaydos. My mission is to tell as many Americans as possible about the true state of our economy and related social and political issues.

My approach to analyzing our economy is what a good problem-solver would do: be objective, conduct a comprehensive analysis of relevant data, review appropriate background information to understand what’s behind the numbers, and reach logical conclusions from all of the statistical and contextual information.

I won't promote any political party or candidate because I know the politicians of both parties are not telling Americans the truth about our economy’s perilous situation and how long it will take us to recover from more than thirty years of living beyond our means.

This is a self-funded public service. Everything posted and all downloads are free. No one pays me anything when I post links to their articles or recommend books, magazines, and websites that I feel are important and reputable sources of information.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump.

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